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Hawke's weird Golem ritual by Swiper3
Hawke's weird Golem ritual
As I was playing the quest called "Haunted" I faced this ridiculously tough Golem... This fight was far from easy, but still it was quite entertaining and once again I took screenshots and let my imagination fly :)

In case you have not noticed it yet, my Hawke is a pretty bad fighter as he keeps on falling in tough battles... I swear that I'll never ever make another rogue Hawke! I don't really know what I have done wrong, but controlling a rogue Hawke which uses daggers seems to be too hard for me :D Maybe I should have given him a bow instead... My Inquisitor in Dragon Age Inquisition is also a rogue, but he uses a bow and I'm doing quite fine with him. Even in origins I can manage with rogues, but Dragon Age 2 seems to be harder. I'm also a terrible mage controller! I've made a mage warden/Hawke a couple of times, but those tries usually end sooner or later... Perhaps I'm meant to play warriors, they never fail me! In this playthrough I have used Fenris quite often instead of my Hawke, since it is easier to keep him alive :D
Hawke's Morning Exercise by Swiper3
Hawke's Morning Exercise
Now it seems that when I started to pay attention, I find funny scenes every time I play Dragon Age 2... :) These pics are from a fight against pride demon, who tossed Anders, Fenris and Hawke away from him. When the three of them stood up, I took these screenshots and this idea about Hawke's morning exercise became to my mind :D Anders and Fenris do not seem to like Hawke's battle preparations so much.
Fenris learns to fly by Swiper3
Fenris learns to fly
My Dragon Age screenshots continue. This time I was fighting a High Dragon on the Bone Pit and my Hawke fell. After a while, Merrill decided to fall too, so I was left to fight with Anders and Fenris only. I played Fenris and the dragon grabbed him many times and tossed him in the air. Once, however, Fenris kind of a glitched and he wasn't in the dragons mouth, but instead, he seemed to fly through the air. Well, I took a couple of screenshots and this is the result :D
Anders learned a new skill by Swiper3
Anders learned a new skill
I'm a huge Dragon Age fan, and sometimes when I play I stumble to these funny scenes which make nice screenshots :D This time I put Anders to heal Fenris, who was standing quite close to him and this was a result.


I'm a girl from Finland :)

You may use my artwork on videos etc. Just remember to give me a link to the video in which you used them, I'd love to see them.


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despairful Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013
Sorry for bugging you but #The-Warrior-Clans have a new update that arranges members more easily instead of spamming the main rules page with names :)

If you want to be a canon cat from the books, sign up here!
You can just have your OC name on a seperate list if you don't like any of the cats avaliable.

ThunderClan (Also Rogues/Loners/Kittypets/The Dark Forest) : [link]
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Tribe of Rushing Water/The Ancients : [link]
Meroni Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2011
You're from Finland?? :D
Swiper3 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2011
Yes I am :D

Ja niin näytät olevan sinäkin :D En taaskaan huomannut. No nyt voinkin sanoa paljon helpommin, että olet ihan älyttömän hyvä piirtäjä!
Meroni Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2011
Hehee, kiitoksia! Kiva nähdä suomalaisia rakettifaneja ;P
Swiper3 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2011
Ajattelin ihan samaa, meitä ei ole kovin suurta määrää :D
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Just a few things I wanted to let you know of, as you could've missed them while joining... Before you begin to submit art or be active in our group, please take a few seconds to review our rules. [link] This will ensure that you will know how the group works and will help me out a bit in the admin process.

I hope you can have a great time with us at #Team-Rocket-Club!
AquamarineShine Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks ;)
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many thanks for the fave =D
Swiper3 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011
You're welcome :)
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Thanks for the Fav!
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